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Cursed Scars

Current comic: Cursed Scars

Quick summary:
Pac and his friends are in more than what they could ever bargain for when strange and powerful energy waves are detected, silently churning deep below a mountain outside Pacopolis. And this time, it's not the Netherworld causing them. The teens are now set on a mission to try and locate this power before Betrayus does, but what happens when another group of villains wants the power too? Unfortunately, everyone underestimates this unknown energy...

Warning: This comic will contain blood, dark themes and some character deaths. However, there will also be room for some adventure, mysteries, humour and even a dash of romance ;) Read at your own risk if you don't like blood.

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I've never been so thankful that it's Friday...:faint: 

I'm back again :) Still feeling a bit under the weather, but definitely better than yesterday :XD: That and I can practically feel how fried my brains cells are after today's exam :faint: Only three more to go, then I'm on break for 2 months :dummy: 


The last stream I did was pretty heckin awesome (other than the stream crashing on me in the end). I managed to finish that PacxCyli drawing I was working on for so long(which I'll try to upload soon), the chat was nuts (per usual) and we even got some good laughs :XD:  

For example...

One wonderful person made this wonderful observation:
Vlcsnap-2017-11-17-21h34m16s96223 by Ellamina
And thus...I just had to comply with this

How NOT To Train Your White Beast by Ellamina
Gotta love these streams :XD: 

So to sum up the highlights of the stream:

-Attempting to put blue hues on a yellow subject to make it blend in with the night aint a easy job (you get green - Sorry for the teasing, Pac)
-It has been decided that Pac looks like a banana peel (yellow skin, black eyebrows) - thus a new power-up is invented = Banana-Pac 
-One wonderful person mentioned how Rhomo's curious/reckless behaviour is cause he is merely upset that his fam named him after a shape X) the inside-joke is that Rhomo's dad is supposedly named 'Square'
-That same wonderful person made a historical discovery: the reason why President Spheros hates because he is against cannibalism. Think carefully about that one...X)
- Rhomo iz 11/10 best edgy character
-The White Beast's fan-nickname is now apparently 'Whitey' (decided by the fans)

I wanna try and do another stream this weekend, just gotta do some other things as well.

Lol sorry bout the long status :XD: 

Here's a shoutout to some peeps as a thank you for attending the stream and for staying awesome! :D


If you're not mentioned here, then either you didn't attend the stream long enough or didn't interact enough in the chat for me to be able to see you. Sorry in advance!
Quick notice; sorry for no response to replies from me during this week. Exams are really heavy this week. Not really been feeling all too well either :/ I'll try to reply to things during the weekend.
Bandicam 2017-11-10 16-00-51-654 by Ellamina

Let's hope I can finish this page before the weekend ends :thumbsup:
Don't be afraid to tag me in wishlists :) I think I might slowly start jumping on the bandwagon for this year, but keep in mind that I will only choose a few people's wishlists to do (as I can't always predict how busy I'll be), so by all means, it's ok if you tag me :) 

On another note, should I make a wishlist for myself as well? 
Headsup, I'll (hopefully/might) do a stream tonight in about an hour and a half or so :)


Tired Kitty is Derpy Kitty by Ellamina

D : Mythical Antlers by AngelicHellraiserABOUT THE ARTIST D : Mythical Antlers by AngelicHellraiser

Pink Orb by kayosa-stock Ella | She/Her | Introvert Pink Orb by kayosa-stock

Ahoy there! Welcome to my page!

Ya'll can just call me Ella. I'm a Highschool student aspiring to become an animator one day, or better yet, a director for animated films :3

I've been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil in my hand, which was around 2-3 years of age. Since then, drawing is a significant part of my soul, and I'm glad that the Lord has blessed me with this gift :heart: I try to draw every single day of my life in hopes to improve, but most of my drawings are drawn traditionally (even though I mainly post my digital art on here. Ironic, huh? :XD:) Someone in my class once asked me; "How can you literally draw every single day? Don't you get tired of it?", and my answer was, "For me, drawing is like breathing. I simply can't live without it."

I'm mostly a quiet and reserved girl, and I'd much rather stay contently at home instead of going to big, bustling and crowded parties, and I'm mostly anti-social. But you can just ask my best friends irl and they'll tell you that I can get crazily insane, playful and loud if I wanna be. So watch out! XP

I don't have much to say anymore, so enough of me, why not take a tour through my gallery and enjoy your stay? I'll update this bio in the future when I can think of more to say lol.

Anyways, enjoy your stay! :wave:


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Point Commissions are CLOSED!…

Please note that I'm someone with a very busy social life. If I participate in an art trade/collab with you, then you WILL have to be patient. Sometimes my drawings takes weeks to months to complete, and I only mess it up if I'm rushed. So no impatience and rushing, or else I'll purposely delay your drawing for a week :)

Another rule concerning art trades: if you asked me for an art trade, then you have to upload your finished part first. Then I'll upload mine (if I'm finished). If I was the one who asked you for an art trade, then I'll upload my part first. This is just to prevent any trolling. Hope ya'll understand :)


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hi ellamina thanks for the fav its my first drawing of pac with his parenst
Ellamina Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome :)
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:) (Smile) 
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Happy Dinovember!
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hi ellamina,How are you? :D
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I'm fine :) bit busy, but fine.
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(My version of) Sunny: *pats your head*
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